“From the first phone call to the fitting of my prosthesis, the team of Tannouri Orthopedic Center made me feel I’m at the top of its priorities. I cannot thank them enough for the treatment they have given me, I can now focus on living my life again”  Miss A., LEB –FOOT patient.

Meet the first energy storing foot designed and fabricated in Lebanon.

The Leb –foot is a huge revolution in the foot prosthesis industry. It has been the ultimate invention of Dr.Charbel Tannouri because of its special and unique features.

1-The material used is soft and gives a strong natural sense of walking with full confidence without fear of breakage.

2-Leb-Foot is made of one piece unlike other foot prosthesis consisting of several pieces of complex materials (metal, plastic, rubber etc...)

3- The shape is well studied and after 4 years of experiments it showed that it helped the foot naturally moving to the back and the amputee walking without any loss of his height. The foot heel is made in a way to allow the patient move easily to prevent any pressure on the section affected and the space between the ankle and midsection of the foot allows the patient to walk barefoot.

4- Restoration of energy, very necessary for sport. Even non sportive amputees do not need to have prosthesis made especially for sport, and they can walk along distance without fatigue, and run fast without being embarrassed or having problems with the stump, whatever the length of the stump is. 

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